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Urban Developers and Investors, Ltd (UDI) is a development and investment group active on the real estate market in the Czech and Slovak Republics for more than 25 years.

We are a fully integrated development company focused on the development and construction of commercial, residential and logistics projects.

UDI has completed more than 100 commercial and residential developments within regional cities and sold over 3,000 apartments. We currently specialise in architectural design, financing, and construction.

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In order to structure the financing of our projects, we use our own equity as well as funds from our long-established partners.

We offer more than 25 years of expertise through the full development cycle from inception to completion. Our involvement covers the selection and acquisition of sites, project preparation through to successful handover to clients. When selecting sites we consider the use of the area where the development is to take place, any existing buildings and the impact on the surrounding environment to provide the greatest possible comfort for living, work and leisure.

Key to our success is the ability to combine skilled and trusted local staff with international expertise. Our own professional teams are able to effectively manage all stages of the development process from land acquisition, financing, project preparation and design to construction management and the sales and letting phase.

UDI Group consists of people with experience and knowledge of building processes. Individual teams manage the complete development process through design, preparation, estimation, budget control to construction, implementation, project documentation, authorisation and comprehensive project supervision. We pride ourselves on our efficient construction and high-quality execution which is borne out by the positive feedback from our repeat clients.

The wide variety and customised nature of our products (apartments, commercial premises, industrial buildings - e.g. Logistics) has provided experience and a good understanding of clients and their requirements. We have adapted to the changes in the regions in which we operate and to varying conditions specific to each individual site. Our residential developments are informed by understanding the client needs which determines the mix and size (of one, two and three-bedroom apartments for example), the expected standards, fixtures, fittings & equipment and the bespoke nature of each particular apartment to suit the individual needs of the end-user.

Urban Developers and investors

Radek Menšík
founder and owner

Since he took over the Mera company from his father in 1996, he has been managing the development and direction of the group.

  • 2019
    Company expansion to Hungary. Purchase of the building plot in Budapest.

  • 2018
    Launched on the stock exchange through START IPO organized by BCPP.

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 2018
    Completion of projects Triangl, Jeremiah and U Starý mlýn, Uhříněves.

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 2017
    International expansion. Founding of subsidiaries in Belgrade, Serbia and Warsaw, Poland

  • 2016
    Commencement of construction project Triangl, Jeremiášova and U starý mlýn, Uhříněves

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 2012
    Acquisition of land including older civic amenities at the settlement of Lužiny in Prague 13 Stodůlky. Objects converted into a modern shopping centre with offices and parking entitled OC Lužiny.

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 2007
    Moved focus towards commercial development. Implementation of the project Luka I shopping centre in Prague 13

  • 2007
    Name change to Urban Developers and Investors

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 2003
    Milestone achieved with 3,000 dwellings constructed

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 1996
    First development project - two residential houses in Prostějov - Krasice

    Urban Developers and investors
  • 1996
    Control of the company passes from Ladislav Menšík to his son Ing. Radek Menšík

  • 1991
    Establishment of the construction company Mera by Mr. Ladislav Menšík


New investment in Budapest

UDI Group continues to expand to other European markets. With the purchase of the land for the construction of office buildings, the company expanded to Hungary, as well as Poland and Serbia.

START trading days 2019

We report that with shares of UDI CEE a.s. it will be possible to trade within the START trading days organized by the Prague Stock Exchange.


We thank all our Clients, the general supplier company Syner a.s., our financing bank Raiffeisen Bank a.s. and all suppliers for their cooperation on the project Uhříněves, U Starého mlýna. We wish the clients pleasant living and together with our business partners we look forward to further cooperation.

The second trading day START IPO

Within the second START IPO business day, 2,935 shares were traded and the exchange rate reached CZK 450 per share, the resultant financial volume was up to CZK 1,320,750.
In fact, the share price increased by + 2.27% against the first subscription rate of 2.10.2018 (CZK 440). On an annual basis, this is an appreciation of the share of 14.80% p.a . "

The first trading day START IPO

To date, the START IPO business day has been successfully launched with UDI CEE a.s ..
In total, all 587,000 shares were subscribed at a price of CZK 440 / share, ie the total subscription volume was CZK 258,280,000. The resulting price of the subscription resulted in an increase of + 5.77% against the listed minimum bid price of CZK 416 over demand.
At the same time, we announce that the subscribed shares will be traded already on November 24, 2018, when the next START IPO trading day will be organized by the Prague Stock Exchange.

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Urban Developers and investors
Urban Developers and investors
Urban Developers and investors
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