UDI CEE a.s. a subsidiary of the group through the primary offering of shares in the START IPO program organized by BCPP, offers domestic investors the opportunity to participate in selected projects.

Through UDI CEE a.s.the UDI Group puts forward in the first phase 2 projects whose estimated value of assets after completion (so-called GDV) according to expert opinions exceeds CZK 2 billion.

More information about UDI CEE a.s.

First START DAY, i.e of IPO subscription for UDI CEE a.s. took place on October 2, 2018..
Total AMOUNT OF SUBSCRIBED SHARES was 587,000 units, which is a BUYER share of 37% per company. Traded in so-called lotteries, with 1 LOT = 587 units Obchodovalo se v tzv. lotech, přičemž 1 LOT = 587 ks
TOTAL VOLUME OF SHARES IN CZK per share amounts to CZK 258,280,000 and the NAVING PRICE was CZK 440 per share.
The resulting price of the subscription resulted in an increase of +5.77% against the listed minimum price of CZK 416, due to an oversupply of demand over the offer. This was the largest IPO subscription on the stock market since Moneta Money Bank's entry in 2016.

The second START DAY of trading with one already subscribed IPO, took place on 27.11.2018
A total of 2,935 shares were traded, i.e, reached the financial volume of CZK 1,320,750.
The exchange rate reached CZK 450 per share, i.e, the increase of the OPENING COURSE EXCHANGE OF 2.10.2018, i.e + 2.27% against the first subscription rate (CZK 440), which is converted on an annual basis by an appreciation of the share of 14.80% p.a.

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