Duga, Belgrade, Serbia

The building plot is located on the edge of the original industrial zone, which includes the Port of Belgrade, in part of Palilula municipality known as Viline Vode. Adjacent to it is the space of the disrupted railway corridor, which will be replaced by the green zone (linear park spreading from Kalemegdan fortress to Pancevo bridge). In the vicinity are the urban areas of the municipality Stari grad.

The area has great development potential, and its revitalization will create space for the administrative and commercial content, which is currently missing in the central part of Palilula.

We are currently finalizing the project for the zoning decision for the first phase.

As it is an important location within Belgrade, we have announced an international architectural competition for the entire area of interest, which is attended by major European studios, which we have selected. Architects were asked not only to propose the design of the real estate on UDI's land but also other related public buildings such as elementary school, kindergarten, medical center, etc...

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