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Ursus Classic - Phase II: The completion of the rough construction is nearing.

The rough construction of the next stage of the Classic Ursus project in Warsaw, Poland, will be completed later this year. Work is now continuing on two more buildings with a total of 272 apartments. This phase will also include the reconstruction of the historic entrance hall to the original Ursus factory, where a restaurant and offices could be built.

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UDI Group

Praga, Czechia

The developer UDI Group will start construction on the Lužiny subway, with an investment of 1.3 billion Czech crowns, it will expand the shopping center with residential extensions

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UDI Group

Ekonom (Czech magazine)

Investovat do bytů je čím dál tím populárnější, zvládne to každý


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Marcela Fialková
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UDI Group


UDI Group
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