12.06.2024 Budapest, Hungary | UDI Group will build a Staybridge Suites hotel in Budapest for the IHG chain. The operator will be the leading operator from the Baltics, Mogotel
15.05.2024 Investment fund - UDI Group | UDI Group has opened a new investment fund, it will allow investing in czech and foreign projects and offer an appreciation of up to 15 percent
13.03.2024 Brno - Husovice, Czechia | The second phase of the UDI Group project in Brno will be designed by Arch.Design, the group wants to invest three billion in the entire project
27.1.2023 Ostředek, Czechia | The unique management of rainwater in the logistics area on D1 won an award 
18.10.2023 Prague, Czechia | The developer UDI Group will start construction on the Lužiny subway, with an investment of 1.3 billion Czech crowns, it will expand the shopping center with residential extensions
2.10.2023 Přehýšov, Czechia | UDI Group is finishing the first hall of its new logistics complex near Pilsen, investing 3.2 billion Czech crowns there
18.9.2023 Panama City, Panama | UDI Group has launched the sale of apartments in Latin America. This could be an interesting investment opportunity for the Czech Republic as well
19.5.2023 Lastavice, Serbia | The Czech housing project Lastavice in Belgrade is under the roof. The developer has completed the preliminary construction of the first buildings
21.3.2023 Warsaw, Poland | The international developer UDI Group has started the construction of more apartments in Warsaw
7.2.2023 Brno, Czechia | The international developer UDI Group returns to the regions. It wants to invest more than 100 million Euros in the newly acquired project in Brno
19.12.2022 Duga, Serbia | UDI Group is preparing the Duga project in Serbia for 374 million Euros, the design of the British architect Ian Bogle won the competition
23.11.2022 Budapest, Hungary | International developer UDI Group received a building permit for an office building in Budapest, estimated at 100 million euros
5.10.2022 Warsaw, Poland | International developer UDI Group received permission for further construction in Warsaw, will build 960 apartments there for 107 million euros
19.9.2022 UDI Group | International developer UDI Group has worth 165 million euros ready for new acquisitions, mainly Europe is in its search engine
15.6.2022 Panama City, Panama | After Costa Rica, international developer UDI Group is also investing in Panama, building two high-rise residential projects in the
30.3.2022 Costa Rica, Panama | Czech developer UDI Group is entering the American market and wants to invest 125 million euros
15.3.2022 Belgrade, Serbia | Czech Developer obtained a building permit for 500 flats in Belgrade for 85 million euros. Construction to commence in March
4.5.2021 Belgrade, Serbia | Czech developer UDI GROUP builds about 500 apartments in Belgrade for an estimated CZK 1.6 billion
20.4.2021 Ostředek, Czechia | Developer UDI GROUP builds new superhub D1 for logistics operator WEDO
5.1.2021 Warsav, Poland | The Czech developer is building almost 1,000 flats in Warsaw for 2.5 billion crowns

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